The Honey Badger’s Powerful Punch

Belonging to the Mustelidae family the honey badger is actually related the otters and polecat. In terms of survival they are the second-best diggers with the aardvark being the best.

Being only 25 – 28 cm in shoulder length, honey badgers pack a powerful punch of temperamental ferociousness when even slightly provoked. They also pack a smelly punch as honey badgers are inclined to discharge a foul secretion from their anal glands as self-defence. Interestingly enough it has been rumoured that the honey badger uses this foul discharge to “gas” the bees so that they can break open the beehive to access the honey as quickly as possible. Despite the fact, the honey badger is generally habitually very shy and so it is often a bit more difficult to spot them in the wild.

Notwithstanding its size, the honey badger packs a powerful punch and has few natural predators because of its thick loose skin which enables it to wriggle out from any bite and turn on its attacker. They are also notorious for their strength and ferocious defence ability.